Training Plans

Train smarter

It is pretty hard to create good training plan. It is much easier to choose one created by professionals and start training immediately.

Check your previous, current and future plans on one screen.

Go and start training for your first marathon, you can do it!

Too complex?

Not at all! Each training is divided into weeks and days.

When you open your training application will show you what to do today.

Need more details? Click on it and you'll see each step in easy to understand way.

I forgot!

You won't forget do your training. Application will notify you when you should go out and do your part.

No need to go to your computer to see if you have rest day or not.

Do you already know your routine? Disable notifications in Settings.

All steps

When you open training for current day you'll see every single detail.

Do you need to repeat your steps three times? You can read all of that from easy to understand table.